Asma Kazmi

Department: Art Practice

Asma Kazmi’s oeuvre comprises drawings, performances, artist’s texts, sculptural installations, photographs, and virtual reality projects. Her research-based art works combine the virtual as well as material objects to create complex visual, aural, and haptic relations unearthing invisible, forgotten, and ignored histories. Kazmi works between the US, India, Pakistan, Europe, and the Middle East to create works that are legible in various cultural contexts. A representative example is her recent work called Indian Mangoes by the Red Sea. This video triptych offers moments of devotional interaction between two bodies: human and fruit. Shot in Jeddah, a port city of Saudi Arabia at the confluence of the Red Sea, the work asks questions about trade routes, global flows of migrant laborers, memorialization of demolished structures, and the visual aesthetics of growth and decay in urban environments. Asma Kazmi was born and raised in Pakistan.