A Tale to Two and Half Investigation: Measuring Institutional Insecurities and Contestational Knowledge

Professor Ricardo Dominguez, UC San Diego

Between January 11th, 2010 and November 10th, 2010 Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0 and b.a.n.g. lab, two collaborative artivist research groups based at CALIT2/UCSD (a transdisciplinary institute), and Professor Ricardo Dominguez one of the co-founders of both projects found themselves under two and half investigation over their work on Transborder Immigrant Tool, their Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD) performances against UCOP on March 4th,2010 by both UCSD and UCOP administrations. Professor Dominguez was also under investigation by FBI Cyberdivision for potential federal violations for the ECD artivist gesture in solidarity with statewide actions on against the student fee hikes across the UC system. What can learn about the state of artivist practices and research within the UC system and its response to contestational knowledge?