“Like Seeds”: A Cosmic Ecology of Black Feminist Education as Transformation

Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind as a project of BrokenBeautiful Press and the co-creator of the Mobilehomecoming Project

“New energies of darkness/we disturbed a continent/like seeds.”
-June Jordan “Who Look at Me” (1969)

In Living for the Revolution, historian Kimberly Springer notes that by 1981 all of the explicitly black feminist political organizations in the US were defunct. For a black feminist born in 1982, the practice of black feminism in the 21st century requires time travel, a radical redefinition of space, an intentional and ritualized relationship to memory, death, distance and spirit.  Informed by Katherine McKittrick’s analysis of the spaces black women inhabit as “demonic grounds” haunted and transformed by the impact of racism and sexism on social space, this presentation elaborates on two time traveling, space-making projects the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind (a multimediated black feminist community school based in Durham, NC with participants around the planet see: blackfeministmind.wordpress.com) and the Queer Black Mobilehomecoming Project (an experiential archive project instigated by two queer black womyn travelling the US in a 1988 Winnebago see: mobilehomecoming.org) as examples of an ecological approach to black feminist dispersal, growth, disruption and impact.