Reels of Resistance: Film IS Social Justice Activism for LGBTQ Communities of Color

Madeleine Lim & Kebo Drew, Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

Weaving galvanizing films with history, QWOCMAP illustrates the ways in which art has always been a source of cultural resistance and cultural renewal for communities of color, especially LGBTQ people of color.  Art has often been the only voice that marginalized communities have had to declare their humanity. Artists have documented, shaped, defined and informed movements for change, and queers artists on the cutting edge of the LGBTQ movement are one of the keys to liberation.  From Ghost Dancers to revolutionary Mexican corridos to Civil Rights era SNCC Freedom Singers to queers of color filmmakers like Marlon Riggs and Pratibha Parmar, QWOCMAP show that art IS activism.