Jan 29, 2017
Editors: Hatem Bazian, UC Berkeley; Zaytuna College | Maxwell Leung, California College of the Arts


Islamophobia Studies Journal, Spring 2016, Volume 3, Issue 2
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The election results in the U.S. and Europe over the past few years should be seen as a distorted response to the global crisis. Attempts to solve the problem by building walls, increased deportation and making immigration or human movement more difficult addressed the symptoms and not the real causes behind the crisis. Also, promising to bring back manufacturing jobs and massive infrastructure spending will create the illusion of problem solving since the underpinnings of the real crisis will not be touched. Furthermore, President-elect Trump has already ushered to the financial sector his readiness to remove whatever weak regulations that were put in place after the 2008 financial sector collapse.

Trump’s economic proposals, if adopted, and I have the feeling that they will rapidly be pushed through Congress and the Senate, will produce a much more accelerated levels of wealth concentration. The infrastructure spending will be carried out on the basis of debt financing that will be a boon to the banking industry, which is ready once again to leverage the economy for the benefit of the few. Furthermore, cutting corporate taxes and reducing the rates paid by the rich will re-introduce the discredited theory of trickle-down economics, which will end up costing jobs in the long run and creating another major financial crisis in few years from today.

The neoliberal economic order was cooked up in the global north, wedded into corrupt and militarized elites in the global south and produced the unfolding chaos across the world. Trump and extreme right-wing political parties across Europe are promising to bring about economic change to the middle and working class and the poor, but don’t hold your breath on such promises since this train has come around before and it left devastation and broken lives across the globe.

[Read the rest of the editorial statement in the journal, available for download.]

Hatem Bazian
University of California, Berkeley
Co-Founder, Zaytuna College

Maxwell Leung
California College of the Arts

About the Cover

Kyung Chyun is an illustrator working in Oakland, California. She attended California College of the Arts in San Francisco for BFA in Illustration. Kyung was born and raised in Seoul until the age of twelve when she immigrated to the states. She considers illustration and art to be her American dream as much as that sounds corny. Honors include 2015 New York’s Society of Illustrators scholarship.

Her portfolio can be found on kyungchyun.com.

Table of Contents:

  • Editorial Statement: Trump and the Collapse of Neoliberal Economic Order!
    Hatem Bazian
  • Comparative Approaches to the Study of Islamophobia in Europe and Beyond
    Farid Hafez
  • Comparing Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia: The State of the Field
    Farid Hafez
  • Islamophobia & Anti-Semitism: Comparing the Social Psychological Underpinnings of Anti-Semitic and Anti-Muslim Beliefs in Contemporary Germany
    Fatih Ünal
  • Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism: Etiological Similarities and Differences among Dutch Youth
    Jolanda van der Noll and Henk Dekker
  • Anti-Muslim Racism in Comparison: Potentials for Countering Islamophobia in the Classroom
    Eva Kalny
  • Examining Islamophobia and Racism in the Netherlands: Practices and Beliefs of Academics, Politicians, and the Police Regarding these Concepts and their Social Aspects
    Ineke Van der Valk
  • Islamophobia & Europhobia: Subaltern Discourse & Its Limits
    Peter O’Brien
  • Islamophobia as Anti-Muslim Racism: Racism without “Races,” Racism without Racists
    Fanny Müller-Uri and Benjamin Opratko
  • The Multidimensional Nature of Islamophobia: A Mixed Method Approach to Constructing the Attitudes Toward Muslims Scale (ATMS)
    Wolfgang Aschauer
  • The Paradox of Equal Belonging of Muslims
    Coskun Canan and Naika Foroutan
  • Islamophobia and Criticism of Islam: An Empirical Study of Explanations Using Representative Surveys from Germany
    A. Heyder and M. Eisentraut
  • From “Mohammedan Despotism” to “Creeping Sharia:” Cultural (Re)Productions of Islamophobia in the United States
    Stephanie Wright