Research initiatives that make a transformative impact.

CRG research initiatives produce cutting edge ideas and uncover new information that challenge scholars and communities to innovate and build together.  Activities include…


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Developing a stronger understanding of the rise of Islamophobia in the U.S. and around the world.

Investigating strategies to end the pipeline between surviving gender violence and becoming criminalized.

Collaborating with women survivors of state violence in South Asia to locate hidden burial sites.

Engaging undocumented students to improve the campus climate through art and research advocacy.

A Critical Platform for Scholars Doing Race & Gender Research

The CRG offers the promise of graduate level intellectual production for not only the underrepresented graduate and undergraduate student community but also all campus scholars that want to contribute to more transformative dialogue.
-Bianca Suarez

School of Education

For me, the Center has facilitated a space where my intellectual endeavors and activist work blend seamlessly. The Center is a hallmark of intersectional coalition building and cross-campus dialogue among scholars.
-Kimberly McNair

African American Studies

The CRG provides an intellectual home and serves as an indispensable bastion of intersectional feminist support that “outlier” social scientists such as myself desperately need.

– Melina Packer

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Race, Sexual, & Domestic Violence: From the Prison Nation to Community Resistance, 2013; 
Photo by Mona T. Brooks


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