Afro-Latinx Feminisms in the URL & IRL Spheres

Thursday, Feb 18, 2021 | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Spring 2021 Radical Kinship Series

This is the final installment of AY 20-21 of the “Radical Kinship Series,” curated and hosted by CRG’s Arts and Humanities Initiative Research Scholar, Alán Pelaez Lopez.

Garifuna journalist and founder of award-winning platform, “Ain’t I Latina?,” Janel Martinez, will join Dominican visual artist and sociocultural critic, Zahira Kelly, in a roundtable discussion on Afro-Latinx feminist practices as they play out in online and offline spaces. Centering their digital reporting and criticism, this roundtable asks: How has social media expanded the ways Black Latinxs see themselves alongside others in the Black diaspora? What might a Black future look like if we merge Afro-Latinx URL with Afro-Latinx IRL spaces; and, Who are Black feminists in Latin America and the Caribbean redefining their own thinking?

Co-sponsored by the Multicultural Community Center, Center for Latin American Studies, Berkeley Center for New Media, UC Berkeley Womxn of Color Initiative, UC Berkeley Graduate Women’s Project, and the UC Berkeley Sexual Orientation and Gender Advocacy Project.

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