All Power to the People – TWLF 50th Anniversary

Saturday, Apr 27, 2019 | 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Sylvia Mendez Elementary School, 2241 Russell Street | Berkeley
Location is ADA accessible

Please join us for a day of inter-generational dialogues featuring 1969 TWLF Student Strikers and Ethnic Studies students and educators working in K-12 schools, universities and prisons.

Keynote Address with Corrina Gould – Ohlone Activist and co-founder of the Sogorea Te Land Trust

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12:00-12:30  Lunch

12:30-12:45  Opening Ceremony

1:00-2:00      Opening Address, featuring Corrina Gould

2:00-4:00      Presentation & Conversation: Fulfilling the Dream of the Third World College, featuring 1969 TWLF Student                       Strikers and current student activists of color

4:15-5:30      Ethnic Studies Beyond the University: K-12 and Prisons, featuring Meesh Cabal, Eddy Zheng, and                       Ethnic Studies Youth Together from Oakland High School

5:30-6:00      Dinner

6:00-7:00      Closing Presentation, featuring Decolonize this Place

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