Amateurism Across the Arts Conference
Co-Sponsored Event

Amateurism Across the Arts is an exploration of vernacular, popular, fannish, kitsch, informal, self-taught, user-generated, and DIY production in music, architecture, literature, the visual arts, dance,  and new media– especially in relation to raced, classed, and gendered notions of value.

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The Ito Sisters: An American Story
Co-Sponsored Event

Winner of a Grand Festival Award and an Audience Award at the BVFF, THE ITO SISTERS captures the rarely told stories of the earliest Japanese immigrants to the United States and their American-born children. In particular, the film focuses on the experiences of Issei (or immigrant) and Nisei (or first generation born in the US) women, whose voices have largely been excluded from American history.

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Kashmiri Women in Resistance: Indian Occupation & Silenced Histories
Research Project Event

This discussion will focus on the resistance of women, queer and non-binary gender Kashmiris to the draconian Dogra rule; to the ethnic cleansing that preceded and accompanied the illegal occupation of Kashmir by India on Oct 26, 1947; to the LoC (or Line of Control), which to this day divides neighbors, families, and mothers from their children across Kashmir; to today’s hypermilitarized counter-insurgency operations of the Indian occupation.

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Black Migrant Writers Respond
Research Project Event

“Black Migrant Writers Respond” is an intimate conversation and public reading with guests Kemi Bello (poet and cultural critic), Ola Osaze (non-fiction writer and community organizer), and Jaselia Gratini (poet, photographer, and entrepreneur) reflecting on what it means for them to create art in the midst of catastrophic violence against Black bodies and heightened xenophobic legislative policy.

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Deconstructing the “Refugee Crisis”: Race, Representation, & Recognition
CRG Thursday Forum Series

Denaturalizing the Mediterranean border: Mediterraneanism, Mediterranean migration, and the tracing of the boundaries of Europeanness
Ilaria Giglioli, Geography

Re-forming Refugee Protection: A U.S. Perspective
Kate Jastram, Human Rights Attorney

Representing the “European refugee crisis” in Germany and beyond: Deservingness and difference, life and death
Seth Holmes, School of Public Health and Heide Castañeda, Anthropology (University of South Florida)

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White Supremacy, Gender, and Speech in the Wake of Charlottesville
Major Event

This symposium will focus on the roles white supremacy has played throughout U.S. history as well as its continued effects today, particularly in relation to the 2016 election and upsurge of white nationalist and white supremacist movements.


  • Michael Cohen, African American Studies
  • Charis Thompson, Gender & Women’s Studies
  • Ziza Delgado, Student Equity Program, Glendale Community College
  • Justin Leroy, History, UC Davis


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Thursday Forum Series

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