Racializing Optics – Audio

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013 - Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013 | 4:00 pm

Racializing Optics: Whiteness, Neoliberalism, and Visual Cultures
CRG Thursday Forum: February 21, 2013


“Thanks to Berkeley…” Managing Multiculturalism in an Age of Austerity
Prof. Leigh Raiford, African American Studies
Dr. Michael Cohen, American Studies African American Studies

This paper takes the UC’s recent “Thanks to Berkeley…” private capital fund drive and its slick PR campaign – focused on a campus wide photographic project – as a site of contestation over issues of austerity, privatization, racial re-segregation and student protest in the Neoliberal University.

More details: https://www.crg.berkeley.edu/content/racializing-optics


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