Loic Wacquant, Sociology

Publication year: 2014-2015

  • 2015    “Revisiting Territories of Relegation: Class, Ethnicity and the State in the Making of Advanced Marginality.” Urban Studies Journal, 53, no. 6, (Symposium with responses by Nicole Marwell, Janos Ladanyí, Troels Schultz Larsen, Orlando Patterson, and Emma Shaw Crane): 1077-1088.
  • 2014    “Marginality, Ethnicity and Penality in the Neoliberal City: An Analytic Cartography.”  Ethnic & Racial Studies, 37, no 10 (Symposium with responses from Andy Clarno, Michael Dawson, Matt Desmond, Amy Lerman, Mara Loveman, Douglas Massey, Dorothy Roberts, Robert Sampson, William Julius Wilson, Andreas Wimmer): 1687-1711.