Resounding Afro Asia: Interracial Music and the Politics of Collaboration

T. Carlis Roberts | Music | Oxford University Press, 2016

Cultural hybridity is celebrated as a hallmark of U.S. American music and identity. But when hybrid music meets the culture industry, it is generally marked and marketed under a singular racial label. This book examines musical projects that resist this tendency by foregrounding racial mixture in players, audiences, and sound. Examining Afro Asian musical settings as part of a genealogy of cross-racial culture and politics, the book argues that they are sites of sono-racial collaboration: musical engagements in which participants pointedly use race to form and perform interracial politics. Analyzing ensembles and individual artists who cross numerous genres, the book offers a glimpse into how artists live multiracial lives that inhabit yet exceed multicultural frameworks built on racial essentialism and segregation.