Astrid Gonzalez

Visual Counter Narrative

Language foregrounds the way we communicate. In the U.S., English is the dominant language. It’s hegemonic presence works as an erasure to the native languages for many immigrants as a means of having to assimilate to US dominant culture. What power dynamics are created between mother and child when their child education inserts a language barrier between them? My research is inspired by Pat Mora’s poem, “Elena”, this work is personal and is informed by my own experience as a first generation person and the daughter of immigrant parents. In my research I will be investigating the cultural distance created between immigrant parents and their first generation children. I will concentrate on the distance created between first generation children and their immigrant mothers. Through the collection of personal experiences of first generation students and their immigrant mothers’ relationship specific to language. My goal is to use the collected narratives from my research in a film essay that grounds its characters and story in the lived experiences of first generation immigrant mothers and their children.