Bernadette Lim

Woke WOC Docs: A Creative Multimedia Storytelling Project by and for WOC in Medicine

Woke WOC Docs is a podcast and multimedia platform centered on the lives of womxn of color in medicine and health justice, including their unique experiences, viewpoints, and struggles in medical education, research, and practice. We seek to engage current and aspiring womxn of color in medicine with real and diverse stories, conversations, and lived experiences on what it means to hold the identity of a woman of color addressing health justice work. Through the podcast, we aim to uncover a variety of topics that helps to challenge dominant narratives of what a doctor “should be” and how inclusion of womxn of color in the field further encourages unique perspectives and experiences in health, well-being, and healing. Together, we hope to laugh, reminisce, and learn from narratives that womxn of color have about their journeys entering and pursuing medicine. Lastly, we hope to be a platform that examines the sociopolitical structures and frameworks that influence womxn of color in medicine, identifying critical issues that womxn of color are facing and discussing how to better transform the medical institution into one that is more inclusive and welcoming to those of intersectional identities.