Derrika Hunt

Windows of Possibility: Giving Voice to the experiences of Black girls

This study seeks to highlight modes of resistance and strategies of resilience employed by girls of color as they navigate barriers and challenges to education. I’m particularly interested in identifying strategies of resilience and resistance in girls of color because this is often an understudied dynamic in education scholarship- which tends to focus on challenges and barriers faced by girls of color in schooling, without also highlighting the agency, resistance, and resilience employed by girls of color. Through this study my goal is to examine the relationships between schooling, resilience and life trajectory for girls of color. In 2000, the United Nation’s launched the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) to globally empower girls to achieve educational success with the hopes of closing the gender inequality gap in education by 2015. However, as I write this proposal the gender inequality gap in education is still looming and girls continue to face a unique set of challenges that serve as barriers to their education, especially girls of color. Yet these girls have also employed creative means to survive and resist- it is these means of survival and resistance that I am seeking to highlight. What is more, I believe as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon states “Removing the barriers that keep women and girls on the margins of economic, social, cultural, and political life must be a top priority for us all – businesses, governments, the United Nations, and civil society.” This is a larger study that has been divided into a series of parts. For the first part of the study I will be researching Black girls.