Elizabeth Hunter

Race, Gender and Belonging - The African Diaspora in Denmark

This project is about expanding and deepening our understanding of the African Diaspora in Europe, particularly in Denmark. Critical race and gender studies are few, since there is a profound reluctance to even pronounce the word ​race ​in Europe. The result is obscuring discourses of “othering” that compound the experiences of social inequality.

I am looking to illuminate the implications of belonging in Denmark for those of African descent. I am interested in examining lived experiences and external conditions of belonging in a liminal space between European-as-white and racialized-as-immigrant-other.

The theoretical framework for the project will be informed by black feminist thought and critical race studies. With this project I aim to offer alternatives to a political discourse and social imaginary of Denmark in which “whiteness” is implied in belonging, yet without a framework to address exactly that.