Haebitchan Jung

Electronic Dance Mu$ic: The Theoretical Discourse on the Promulgation of Western Ideology in the Non-West

My research examines how electronic dance music festivals (or raves) subvert the push toward cultural globalization. This speculation is against the general perspective of the ravers on these festivals, which is that the ideology practiced in raving sites (peace, love, unity, respect, or PLUR for short) promotes acceptance of all cultural, sexual, racial, and gender identities. This notion is especially relevant to raves that are held outside of the U.S. and the “west” (including South Korea, Netherlands, India, etc.). But my research will argue the opposite: that underneath these raving spaces, the purity of its unifying and globalizing ideology is exploited by western capitalists for mass profit as well as western cultural imperialism. This notion is exemplified, for example, in the advertisements of Italian bags seen in these international events with the caption underneath that leave the impression of the superiority of the “west” and the inferiority of the “non-west” in regards to aesthetic production. These cultural artifacts will then illustrate how western cultural ideology gets disseminated throughout the rave sites, and by extension, expose the push toward cultural globalization as in fact, westernization.