Irma  Barbosa

Ternura means tenderness

Irma and their sister Celeste are collaborating on a video/ experimental film project inspired by our grandmother’s goat farm and home in the San Fernando Valley called a recipe for remembering. Drawn by the processes of preservation, invisible labor, and resilience it takes to prepare her delicious birria dish as well as the consumption of it, they have been documenting and learning from how she cares for her goats and how she makes this delicious dish. Birria immigrated with their family to the states and has been made to celebrate their culture and family for decades. In the first half of this project Irma and their sister have closely documented their grandmother’s caring gestures. Now they will visit their grandmother’s home in Mexico and continue the documentation to finish the next chapter of the project. Through photography, experimental video, sculpture, performance, and installation they are exploring the animal-human interdependent connection as well as the poetic nature of recipes and their appeal to be remembered and passed down from generation to generation and furthermore across borders.