Jasmine Sozi

It’s a Racialized World After All: A Transnational Study of Oakland, California and Durban, South Africa as Racialized, Yet Resistant Geographies

Focusing on Abahlali baseMjondolo (Abm), a South African grassroots movement run by and for shack dwellers in Durban, South Africa, along with Moms 4 Housing, a collective of houseless and marginally housed moms in Oakland, California, I will study: distinct, yet relational conditions that led to each groups mobilization, tactics of resistance, along with constructions of political identities and formations of solidarity for Black people fighting against economic and political structures of displacement. While previous scholarship has emphasized neoliberal systems of oppression that shape racialized geographies, my research will extend studies on localized investigations of Black organizing and resistance in response to capitalist housing policies, showcasing how African peoples are able to transform racialized sites into sites of resilience. I will engage in participatory observations, along with conduct 10-15 qualitative interviews of community organizers from each group, and background research in order to understand the parallels and differences between both groups in relation to a larger, global fight against capitalism and neoliberalism.