Jenni(f)fer Tamayo

Writing (Our) Voices into the Archive: Poets of Color Writing on Radical Vocal Performance

Funds from the University of California Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender Studies grant will be used to produce and publish a specialty chapbook of creative reflections from black and brown poet-performers exploring how they use their voice in performance work. This project supports my continuing practice as a poet and publisher, in addition to my doctoral research on the voice as a political performative material employed by performers of color contesting canonical formations. The project enacts a Black and women of color feminist methodology, both by centering artists of color as critical experts on how to narrate and dismantle systems of structural violence, and taking on an autoethnographic approach that situates the personal and the embodied as valuable sites of knowledge production and theorization. Literally writing our voices into archival collections, this creative book project contends with the historic erasure of how we scream, stutter, sing, spit and whisper within and against racial and gendered violence.