Julia Malakiman

Islamophobia Rising: The Nicois en Nour Mosque and 2016 Terrorist Attack in Nice, France

My research project examines media representations and history of the Nicois en Nour Mosque in Nice, France. This mosque took over 14 years to be officially established due to contestation with local government. The mosque, with its unique background, opened just two weeks before the 2016 terrorist attack in Nice. My media analysis will cover three time periods which include the initial creation or organizing for the mosque to the grand opening, the grand opening to the terrorist attack, and finally, after the terrorist attack to present. My research will incorporate supplementary interviews of mosque members and religious leaders of the Nicois en Nour mosque to understand whether there have been increasing or decreasing levels of Islamophobia toward them personally or toward the mosque, if at all. My research will address how Islamophobia is fostered and perpetuated institutionally through France’s local and regional government, affecting different media outlets and ultimately the sustainability of Islamic institutions and the lives of Muslims living in Nice, France.