Kerby Lynch

A​ ​Persistent​ ​Desire

A​ ​Persistent​ ​Desire​ (working title) will be a 54 minute essay documentary, directed by Lenn Keller and Kerby Lynch in collaboration with the Bay Area Lesbian Archives.

The film employs a radical feminist perspective in it’s affirmation and celebration of the gender non conforming lesbian sub-culture commonly known as butch-femme. The film examines the history and controversies that surround this marginalized and largely invisible LGBTQ sub-culture. The film captures a brief window of time from 1995 – 2005 when butch-femme culture experienced a visible re-emergence.

I use archival material provided by the Bay Area Lesbian Archive to highlight this time period. The film is largely based within the San Francisco Bay Area community, and challenges the stereotypes and misunderstandings that have historically plagued the perception of butch-femme culture. The film examines butch-femme experience through the voices of thoughtful, self-identified femmes and butches from a diverse range of ages, cultures, ethnicities and class backgrounds. Many of the oral histories are from well-known activist, scholars, artist and community members.