Mai  Vang

A Critical Look at Domestic Violence through the Lens of Elder Hmong Women

Domestic violence continues to be a critical issue that has not been openly addressed within the Hmong community. My research project aims to study the perspectives of elder Hmong women (at least 60 years old) who have experienced domestic abuse, especially their perceptions of the root causes of domestic violence in the Hmong community, attitudes toward domestic abuse, and decision-making factors in seeking
help for themselves. My study will not only allow for an understanding of their coping experiences of domestic abuse and help-seeking behaviors, but also unmask their silenced stories and voices. These findings can be utilized as a tool in developing effective intervention for Hmong women with such experiences. What must appropriate resources look like for Hmong women who are forced to deal with this issue? Through a feminist lens, the issue of intimate partner violence will be better understood, as Hmong women will have the space to share how they look at questions of domestic abuse in the Hmong community. By having a deeper understanding of gender and cultural barriers, we can apply these concepts to other ethnic minority groups and develop culturally competent ways to serve these communities.