Maia Wolins

Narratives of the 2003 War: Iraqi Refugees and the US Veterans (the NOW Project)

Over eight thousand Iraqi refugees have arrived in California since the start of the 2003 war, but little research has been conducted on their resettlement needs and experiences. Many American troops are returning home to California, too, and there is a slowly growing corpus of research on their needs. However, current scholarly discourses on the war actively separate studies of veterans and refugees, and this reinforces the racially divisive rhetoric that fostered conditions for the destructive war. My senior thesis proposes a more balanced analysis of the effects of the Iraq war through an ethnographic study of the professional development of both Iraqi refugees and US veterans in California, as well as the personal, social and economic connections they have shared as a result of the war.

Listen to Maia’s presentation on her research at a CRG Thursday Forum: