Monique Hosein

We are not Safe: Police Violence and Black Women

This dissertation project will explore how Black women experience and perceive policing and police violence in their neighborhood. The researcher will engage in 30 semi-structured interviews with Black women in a historically Black neighborhood in the California Bay Area. Police violence affects Black women in ways that are uniquely gendered and racialized and out of proportion to their representation in the US population (Amuchie, 2016;  Jacobs, 2017). Qualitative or quantitative studies of Black women’s experiences of policing are few or appear only in a larger collective of adolescents, sex workers and drug users in outdoor settings (Chaney & Robertson, 2013; Cooper et al., 2004; Freudenberg et al.,1999). Further, there is a dearth of studies that bring an intersectional and/or Critical Race Theory lens to the issues. To address these gaps, the qualitative element of my research proposal will explore the public health issue of police violence as it affects Black women and will learn from informants what they see as the problems, if any, and what they see as solutions to those problems.