Morgan Randall

Oshun Honey: Democratizing the Black Superheroine

My project seeks to understand how Black women interpret themselves within the context of the comic book superheroine, by giving them creative involvement in a comic book with Black superheroines whom they design. Very few Black women superheroines exist in mainstream comics. Those that do often face more than the sum of the stereotypes associated with their race and gender individually—their duality carries its own stereotypes. This project seeks to give Black women themselves an opportunity to define their own image in the comic book medium. The super-powered heroes and heroines of comic books are important to us more for the struggles they share with us than for the other-worldly foes they vanquish. Thus, the comic this project creates will tell not just a story of a few Black superheroines, but of the Black women who created these characters, their struggles and their triumphs.