Munira Lokhandwala

Afterimages of History: Encountering the Archive in Contemporary Global Film and Video

My dissertation studies artist film and video practices that engage with archives or archival processes to challenge deeply embedded notions about the photographic image’s link to indexical and evidentiary “truth” within the systems of colonial, imperial, and state archives. More broadly, my dissertation is interested in how artists employ moving images in the process of archival excavation and archival production in order to expand the scope of what might be considered “historical” production, as well as to highlight the limits and possibilities of archival imagining for our understanding and experience of the past. My dissertation focuses on the works of artists and artist collectives based in the U.K., South Asia, Middle East, and the U.S., whose works address contemporary social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental “events” through an engagement with literal and figurative archives.