Nicole Prucha

Queer(ing) Interracial Relationships: Seeking Liberation at Intersections of Difference

My creative research project addresses the social and political potentiality of queer interracial relationships, both historically and with regards to futurity. I employ the structure of a mathematical “proof by exhaustion” as a medium through which I search history, critical theory, and personal narratives for what queer of color scholar José Muñoz calls the “queer aesthetic.” From federal documents of landmark cases on anti-miscegenation and same-sex relations, to literary accounts of the biracial and bicultural experience, to personal ruminations on what it means to be in a queer interracial relationship today, each of these sites uniquely construct the “given,” “variables,” “claims,” and “conjecture” of this proof. In doing so, I suggest that the unassumed intersections of opposite subjects or fields can reveal the radical cohesion and potential of relationships that are defined by difference. This project thus asks whether or not queer interracial relationships are more capable of subverting dominant structures of thought than solely queer or interracial relationships can.