Noor Al-Samarrai

Faces of Occupy Cal

I am working on an art-journalism project that aims to record the stories of students, faculty, and staff at UC Berkeley, where they can explain what has personally led them to participate in the movement to support public education, why they support it ideologically, what they hope to gain from its success, or how their experiences at Cal have led them to participate. The project echoes the aesthetics of the campus’s Thanks to Berkeley campaign — the large posters hung on street lamps around campus, with their black-and-white close-ups of smiling Berkeley students and alumni pontificating on the opportunities this institution provides — and will include two phases. The first involves the creation of moveable structures upon which large prints of the photographs will be displayed around campus. The second phase of the project is the creation of a website to host the photographs as well as multimedia-format interviews incorporating text as well as audio recordings of subjects telling their stories.