Raimel Garcia Hernandez

Revolutionary Ideologies

This project explores the ideological disparities across generations under the Castro Regime in Cuba. Since the fall of the URSS, the Cuban government has struggled to keep alive the patriotic sentiments and revolutionary ideals in its people. This phenomenon is visible in the behaviors and ideals of many of my generation’s young adults. I will explore the question of what are the elements and structures that have influenced a shift of ideals in my generation and the interplay of the race, gender, and social status intersections affect these. My methodology includes a qualitative analysis through ethnographic work in one of Havana’s slums: Luyanó, including video and interviews, and archival research conducted at libraries in Cuba and U.C. Berkeley. Footage from the Luyanó neighborhood will bring a three dimensional and emotive perspective on some of the scarcely explored Cuban neighborhoods and environments. The reestablishment of relationships between Cuba and the U.S. under the Obama Administration and the sudden suspension of friendly policies by Trump has made Cuban’s future stand in doubt. This calls for research while history is in the making, hoping this project to serve further other future research and bring global attention to the island.