Ree Botts

I See You Sis: an Exhibition of Black Womxn Healing

My dissertation project is an ethnographic curation of Black women’s healing spaces. I ask, how do creatively curated sites of care expand possibilities for Black women’s wellness? I use art-based methodologies to map Black women’s creative processes of designing physical and metaphysical sites of care against a backdrop of ever pervasive antiBlackwomaness that impedes upon our access to holistic well-being. Using a deeply reflexive approach, I engage a Black feminist poetics of geography to trace how adjacent sites of healing become mapped onto each other, from the body to the home, the sister circle to the astral plane, the city to the interior self space. Hence, my work is, more broadly, an unconventional narration of Black women’s spatial interventions within urban environments.

I See You Sis: an Exhibition of Black Womxn Healing is a week long art exhibit that serves as a focus-group style site of data collection for my dissertation. One of a plethora of community centered events I host and attend, this space is produced through what I call creative space making as methodology, in that it merges a Black feminist ethic of care with a geographic investment in communal gathering and exchange.