Reginald James

Resighted: Black Women Photographers of the Bay Area

*Resighted* is a creative multi-media research project highlighting Black Women Photographers who, as artists, documentarians and cultural workers, have contributed their visionary work to the Bay Area community as media creators.

*Resighted* examines the subjects black women photographers address, the influence of race and gender on their craft, access to media outlets, use of technology and how they view their own work. With the constant objectification of black women, *Resighted* examines how the image changes when women control the visual conversation.

A multimedia website will be launched that features samples of the women’s work, oral history interviews, short biographies and feature stories, and links to their own website. In addition to current photographers, this project will also highlight some who have since been lost in the margins of history. The transcribed oral history interviews will also be deposited in the Bancroft Library’s Regional Oral History Center and other community libraries for archival purposes.