S. Reeves

Severance / Proximity: An Autotheoretical Exploration

I believe that the most ethical research is the examination of and through the self because research often applies academic theory and exploitative measures to communities far removed from the elite university. Autotheory is a method and narrative form that puts subjective and autobiographical materials in conversation with theoretical and philosophical frameworks to explore and analyze broader institutions and systems. For my project, I am writing an autotheoretical piece that explores themes of gender, race, sexuality, consent, love, intimacy, imagination, knowledge production, and death through narrative forms such as autobiographical storytelling, poetry, photography, and other art forms. I will interrogate whiteness, queerness, gender, and ability through the lens of my own socialization and by applying the critical and creative theories and works from queer and trans people, Black people, Indigenous people of the Americas, people of color, and people at intersections of identities previously and not mentioned.