Surili Sheth

Sexual Assault and Intersectional Women’s Gender Consciousness

How can we conceptualize and measure women’s (politicized) gender consciousness quantitatively while taking intersecting identities, particularly race, into account? How do discussions around sexual assault effect this politicized gender consciousness for different groups of women and men? Does women’s gender consciousness, and the effect that discussions around sexual assault as a topic have on it, differ in different political milieus in the United States – for example, during the women’s march or during the next presidential election? In this project, I examine previous scholarship on consciousness and social identity, summarize results from a pilot experiment, and lay out an extended experiment based on these results. I intend to (1) improve the conceptualization and quantitative measurement of intersectional women’s gender consciousness, (2) estimate whether and how much discussions around sexual assault are affecting consciousness women of different parties and identities, (3) understand if there are simultaneous effects on other aspects of political attitudes and behavior – turnout, vote choice, trust, interest, and social movement participation.