Tria Andrews

Rehabilitation for Native American Girls at a Facility Located on Tribal Grounds

My project will examine culturally relevant forms of rehabilitation for Native American girls at the Youth Wellness Renewal Juvenile Detention Center (YWRJDC), located on the Rosebud Indian Reservation (RIR) in South Dakota. My project for Summer 2011 will be one month of preliminary research for my dissertation focused on the formally instituted rehabilitation programs offered at YWRJDC, such as creative writing workshops, sweat lodge ceremonies, Lakota language and culture classes, and arts and crafts groups. My project will be threefold. First, interviewing program directors and community leaders working with incarcerated girls will allow me to glean information about the intent and effects of these methods and whether in addition to centering race, the programs also account for gender and the experiences particular to Native American girls. Second, through participant and non-participant observation, I will attend tribal council meetings to focus on how members of the community perceive these programs. Third, with further research, I will develop a comparative study with an intersectional approach to race and gender that examines how the culturally relevant healing methods offered at YWRJDC differ from curriculum available for Native American girls at juvenile detention centers located off tribal grounds.