Ziza Delgado

Third World Bodies vs. First World Ideologies: The Third World Liberation Front at UC Berkeley, 1969

This summer I will conduct between ten and fifteen video/audio interviews, which will be used for both my dissertation and a documentary I have been working on for the past five years. Upon completion, this film will document and analyze the Third World Strike and subsequent creation of the Ethnic Studies Department at UCB. Because today’s youth and emerging educators are attracted to multi-media educational tools, this film will be developed as multi-platform digital programming to serve as an excellent educational vehicle and interlocutor in the dialogue on social movements and public education. It will also be an integral part of the free on-line teaching tool I am developing, for educators interested in teaching Ethnic Studies in their classrooms. Last year I met almost twenty women who had participated in the movement for ES. Because all of the archives and collections I have used in my research, thus far, have been donated by men, I see these interviews as part of a critical intervention to diversify the historical narrative of this time period. Conducting these interviews will include the vital perspectives of women of color within the movement in both the documentary and my dissertation.

For more information about Ziza’s research, listen to audio from her presentation at the CRG Forum, “Vexed Histories: Rethinking Trajectories of Black Studies, Ethnic Studies, & Women’s Studies:”