The Hella Black Podcast Holds Unfiltered Discussions on Race, Politics, and Oakland

Delency Parham and Blake Simons turned their casual conversations into a popular podcast. Article published in the East Bay Express. Excerpt below.

“The Hella Black Podcast, started in 2015 by Delency Parham and Blake Simons, has slowly garnered a devoted fan base. The two met at a protest demanding the name change of Le Conte Hall at UC Berkeley, and the implementation of institutional changes to address the Black student population at the university. At the time, Simons was a student organizer with the Black Student Union at Cal and Parham was reporting for Berkeleyside. With similar backgrounds and political views — Parham and Simons both have family members who were Black Panthers, and both share Bay Area roots — their friendship developed organically, and they decided to put their ideas together and spread them to the Black community.

‘We were two young people passionate about Black people and Black liberation,’ Parham said during a chat in Oakland.

The Hella Black Podcast is no ordinary listening experience; it’s centered on Black political education. Both Parham and Simons have strong radical thoughts that they share in the form of a casual conversation. There’s no editing and no sugar-coating, and the goal of empowering Black people is evident in every episode. ‘We wanted a larger medium to reach more people,’ Parham said, ‘to provide political education and Black-purposed content.'”

Photo above by Darryl Barnes