CRG Working Group, Decolonizing Museums, has created a Spring 2020 graduate humanities course. “From Democracy to Decolonization: The History and Futures of Museums” or HUM 295-001, will attract students from various disciplines to “interrogate decolonizing engagements with these inheritances as well as the potential of museums to be sites for access, inclusion, justice, and anti-racist action.”

Pascale Boucicaut, graduate student in Anthropology, former CRG student grantee, and member of Decolonizing Museums, commented, “We were in a year-long course together last year, and while it was a year-long course, we had many other things to continue to think about. So we created this working group.” In the process of meeting as a group, members found an opportunity to create a class that was not just for anthropology majors or art history majors, but instead open to all graduate students. Delphine Sims, graduate student in History of Art and member of Decolonizing Museums, said, “There is no museums studies program or certificate at UC Berkeley, so [we wanted to push ourselves to think about how] to make people feel prepared to do museum work as we’re going through rigorous theoretical seminars.” Lauren Kroiz, Associate Professor in History of Art and member of Decolonizing Museums, said, “We’re most excited to keep working together and to see where the class goes. I’m hoping [the structure] will be shaped by the class and who shows up. We want to remain response to the diverse people who will attend our class.”


First meeting of Decolonizing Museums Working Group


This class is supported by Mellon New Strategies for the Humanities at Berkeley

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