This semester, the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) Research Initiative, a project of the Center for Race and Gender, collaborated with Berkeley Crowdfunding to launch a successful grassroots fundraising campaign. With the support of our communities and the different member organizations that have come together to organize around the 50th anniversary of the original 1969 TWLF, we met and greatly exceeded our goal of $3000 – raising a total of $4,580, or 152% of our original goal!

The TWLF Research Initiative is made up of a coalition of campus spaces that have been opened and won through student organizing over the past 50 years, including the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship Program, the Multicultural Community Center, departments of Etnic Studies and African American Studies, and the Center for Race and Gender.

The money that was raised will be used to cover travel and lodging costs for TWLF veterans to be able to come back to campus for 50th anniversary activities. These inter-generational dialogues are crucial to our community memory of the hard-won struggles on campus by students of color over the years and they help map the profound impact of this historic student movement at UC Berkeley and beyond. TWLF hopes to create community institutions throughout the Bay Area and change the shape of public education at large.

Thank you to everyone who donated, shared and helped bring awareness to this inspiring campaign!