January 17, 2018 Update about Luis Mora from RISE:

Thanks to the outpour of support from the community, Luis is set to be freed on bond today! It was your shares, tweets, and letters that made it possible for Luis to finally come back to his community.

But our fight for immigrant liberation wages on, as TPS holders fear returning to destabilized countries, as ICE threatens our Northern Californian communities, and as detention centers continue to dehumanize people and separate families.

We at RISE only hope that Luis’ campaign was just an introduction to our community of our potential power to free our people. Right now, community organizers fight to Free Floricel and Free Fernando, community members who deserve dignity and respect much like Luis does. We cannot turn our backs on the injustices of ICE and detention simply because those targeted were not granted the opportunities to pursue an education. If we are to rise up for immigrants, we must rise up for all those who face the racialized reality of being undocumented.

We at RISE are ready to take on this xenophobic administration, but we need the support of all those who called for Luis, wrote for Luis, and donated for Luis. We need all those who learned the power of community for Luis to wield it to liberate all detained people! #FreedLuis#FreeThemAll