The Center for Race & Gender is thrilled to welcome you to our new dynamic multimedia website.  The new site has two functions. First, it creates streamlined access for users to learn about upcoming events and opportunities, research updates, and the latest news from the CRG community of scholars, including new projects and reflections on current events.  Second, the new CRG site serves as a growing media archive of scholarship on race and gender.

Because of the CRG’s unique history as a research center that emerged from intensive student organizing, we believed it was important for the site to tell our story through featuring the years of transformative research that the Center supports and represents.  Our challenge for the website was to figure out how to digitize and organize over 15 years of audio, video, events, projects, and publications in a way that is easily accessible, intuitive, and visually compelling.

Here, you’ll find the site organized into four main categories:
  • EVENTS: including upcoming and archived, organized into categories to find specific events quickly
  • RESEARCH: explore current research initiatives and working groups (we are in the process of creating the archive of past research projects), connect with research opportunities, and learn more about the work of student grant recipients
  • MEDIA: latest news from the CRG community, plus an extensive library of video, audio, photos, and art from years of forums, conferences, and lectures
  • PUBLICATIONS: a complete collection of the FaultLines newsletter and other CRG publications, as well as the latest in research and publications from affiliated faculty

This site is a living archive that reflects constant growth in race and gender scholarship and debates, as well as the evolution of the CRG as a research organization that cultivates and sustains this important knowledge production.  The CRG is proud to be a catalyst and a vessel for emerging ideas and impactful projects by faculty, students, scholars, organizers, and artists across UC Berkeley, the Bay Area, and around the world.

As with all new websites, we anticipate that there will be ongoing improvements along the way.  Please let us know if you have feedback, ideas for improvement, or see bugs that need fixing.

Also, our staff of student researchers are continuing to post archival video and audio of CRG events, so please stay tuned and check back regularly.  We will post regular updates through our CRG weekly e-newsletter, please sign up here.

CRG student researchers, Jenny Pelagio Castillo and Yvonne Armenta

We’d like to thank our team of student researchers who helped us think through the organization of the site and who are responsible for uploading most of the video and audio onto the site. Our team included URAP apprentices Katherine Wang and Cynthia Soto; Ethnic Studies Interns, Jenny Pelagio Castillo and Yvonne Armenta; and Graduate Student Researcher, Desirée Valadares.  Katherine Wang in particular put hours into researching and creating a system for digitizing the CRG archive, much of which was in relatively ancient form given the fast pace of  media technology. Katherine and some of our archived VHS tapes (!) are featured in the above photo.

Finally, we’d like to thank the Xfive team (formerly Webvanta) who put a great deal of thoughtfulness, imagination, and precision into designing a site with many moving parts. Xfive has also designed sites for Ethnic Studies, Rhetoric, Art History, and Film & Media departments here at UC Berkeley, and we are very glad that the CRG is part of this portfolio.

We hope this site honors the individuals and groups whose work is represented in these pages, and reflects the rigor, creativity, and commitment that drives scholarship invested in social justice.

– Alisa Bierria, Associate Director