Event Date
Oct 29, 2020


Fall 2020 Radical Kinship Series

We invite you to listen to the second installment of “Radical Kinship,” a new series curated and hosted by CRG’s Arts and Humanities Initiative Research Scholar, Alan Pelaez Lopez.

In this roundtable, trans and nonbinary artists and scholars came together to discuss the ways in which intimacy is rendered and re-imagined in our contemporary moment, and how intimacy serves as a world-building tool. Dora Santana of John Jay College, SA Smythe of UCLA and Micky Bradford of the Transgender Law Center will share their craft(s) and speak of their work as a form of intimacy with the world and against patriarchy and anti-Blackness. This event aimed to ask: what kind of intimacies do we need today for all Black trans and nonbinary people to be free tomorrow? And, as Dora Santana’s “Mais Viva!: Reassembling Transness, Blackness, and Feminism” (2019) asks, “How do we imagine possibilities of livable lives, of freedom, well-being, and transformative change, as we resist death?

Co-sponsored by African American Studies, Gender Equity Resource Center, Othering & Belonging Institute’s Diversity and Health Disparities Cluster, and Othering & Belonging Institute’s LGBTQ Citizenship Cluster. 

Rather watch the event? See the video below.