Language Revitalization Working Group
Contact: Julia Nee & Martha Schwarz

The Language Revitalization Working Group (LRWG), co-hosted by the Linguistics and Ethnic Studies departments, focuses on discussing theories, methodologies, and applications of language revitalization (LR) in a variety of world contexts. This working group was originally initiated by the members of the Spring 2019 LING251 class on Indigenous Language Revitalization which was listed in Linguistics, core to the Designated Emphasis in Indigenous Language Revitalization, co-taught by faculty from Linguistics, Ethnic Studies, and Education, and attended by students from Linguistics; Ethnic Studies; Anthropology; Education; Classics; Environmental Science, Policy, & Management; Ethnomusicology; and language and areal studies departments. Our principal goal for the LRWG is to provide a centralized venue for conversation and collaboration between the interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners of language revitalization at UC Berkeley. The research conducted by members of the LRWG necessarily involves a critical consideration of race and gender, as language endangerment is often driven by suppressive policies directed towards minority ethnic and linguistic groups. Furthermore, language revitalization requires and valorizes skills and knowledges that are often marginalized in formal, westernized educational contexts, and which may be held by people otherwise marginalized by their race or gender.