Saniya Amraoui

Saniya Amraoui

Visiting Student Researcher

CRG Visiting Student Researcher (Spring 2022)

Saniya Amraoui is a Fulbright-Schuman Visiting Scholar at the CRG and Berkeley Law and a PhD researcher in Law at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy.

Saniya uses critical approaches to the law (CRT and TWAIL among others) to question the role of the law and its impact on migrants’ lives in Europe with a focus on the European Union and its legal framework. Her PhD investigates the concept of conditionality in EU migration law by looking at the conditions migrants have to bear and/or fulfill from crossing EU borders to obtaining a residence permit. To explore further this legal process and with the use of time and space dimensions, Saniya looks for the rationales (racial discrimination, migrants’ economic value, othering) behind the rules and their justifications. Her research also explores migrants’ forms of resistance to constraining laws and policies with fieldwork conducted in Palermo, Italy.

Before joining the EUI, Saniya obtained a B.A. in political science and Middle-Eastern and North African studies from Sciences Po Paris. She pursed legal studies and graduated from Sciences Po Law School and Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas in European law and litigation. Throughout her education and due to her personal background, Saniya developed a keen interest for migration studies from a legal perspective. Other areas of interest are gender studies, social movements, cultural heritage and Islamic studies.